Weekly Bulletin Column

From Fr. Michael Reding

January 24, 2021

Loving the Unique Saint in Every Student

For more than 23 years, I have served in parishes with Catholic schools. In all that time, I’ve never witnessed a year like 2020. These last ten months have brought challenges that no one could ever have anticipated. And yet, I’ve watched our faculty and staff rise to the challenges in heroic ways. Offering instruction onsite and remotely, adapting pedagogy and protocols to ensure that everyone remains safe has left me marveling at the dedication of these educators.

Next week, we kick off our annual celebration of Catholic Schools Week. So, I thought I’d share with you this week, some testimony from our Carondelet Catholic School website explaining the value of Catholic education:

First, schools with a values-oriented curriculum successfully shape character as well as intellect. At Carondelet Catholic School we are dedicated to teaching respect and concern for others, responsibility, and self-discipline, along with an excellent academic program. Our students learn to respect, love, and serve each other in a supportive environment emphasizing care and cooperation. Formal religion is taught as an academic subject. In addition, teachers and staff daily serve as role models and our students are equally expected to live their faith.

Second, Catholic schools are highly committed to creating a vibrant Christian community. At Carondelet Catholic School the principal and teachers together create and nurture the faith community within the school. Our students participate in traditions that strengthen their own faith development while encouraging them to become stewards of their broader communities. School-wide participation in community service projects enables our students to demonstrate concern for others and for the environment.

Third, Catholic schools have a tradition of providing a strong academic program and maintaining high expectations of students. With an average class size of 20 children, our teachers can identify and respond to each child’s strengths and needs. Our students learn not only to master skills in specific subjects, but also to think critically and solve problems creatively. Carondelet Catholic School students consistently score one to two years above Minnesota and national grade level norms on standardized achievement tests.

Fourth, Catholic school teachers carry out the tradition by believing that all children can succeed. Parents who choose Carondelet Catholic School say they are most impressed with the dedication and talent of our teaching staff and their ability in turn to motivate students. By creating a safe and nurturing learning environment, our teachers help students gain self-confidence and self-esteem. By providing stimulating classroom discussions and challenging assignments, they bequeath to them a lifelong love for learning.

While we currently have waiting lists for most grades at Carondelet Catholic School, we do have a few openings for Kindergarten beginning next fall. Parishioners of Saint Thomas the Apostle and Christ the King enjoy priority as we make admissions decisions, and if you register before January 31, you can receive a $150 tuition credit. For more information, visit www.carondeletcatholicschool.com or call Megan Hower, Director of Admissions, at (612) 590-1940.

Thank You

Thanks to all of you who have reached out to offer your condolences, your support, and your prayers following the death of my brother, Tom. With the other demands of these days, I haven’t been able to respond to each of you personally, but I hope you’ll know of my profound gratitude.

In the seven years I’ve been at Saint Thomas the Apostle, I have experienced the death of three brothers and my dad. And each time, you have been there to hold me up in prayer and in care. More than I can possibly say: Thank you.