Thanks to your generous contributions to our Mission Critical campaign, we’ve made tremendous progress with our building improvements.

In 2019, we completed these important projects:

  • Rebuilt the heating system for our church and school, including new energy-efficient boilers with a sophisticated control system, allowing us to ensure that every room is at the temperature desired while also saving natural resources and financial resources
  • Installed a new air handling unit for our school that provides fresh, dehumidified air throughout the building
  • Installed a new air handling unit for our gymnasium, making that space more comfortable than ever
  • Replaced supply and drain pipes throughout the building so all plumbing fixtures will now work reliably
  • Installed new toilets, urinals, sinks, partitions, tile, paint, and lighting in our school restrooms
  • Installed new chilled-water fountains and classroom sinks in the school and a new sink in the chapel
  • Installed a recirculating loop so hot water is available quickly in all restrooms
  • Installed new LED lights in the church that can be easily switched on and off, including dimming controls and pre-programmed “scenes”
  • Upgraded our fire alarm and electrical systems throughout the school
  • Upgraded the sound system in the church (this is in-progress)

In 2020 the work will continue

Recently, our parish facilities and finance leaders met and decided that, during the summer of 2020, we will complete all the remaining projects identified in our capital campaign. These include:

  • Replacing the upper windows in the church and the northeast stair tower
  • Repairing school windows as needed
  • Replacing the steel lintels above school windows
  • Repairing, sealing, and tuckpointing masonry as needed on the church and school buildings
  • Repairing water damage to walls and ceilings inside the church and school
  • Adding a storm water drainage system near the southwest corner of the school
  • Upgrading the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in the parish center
  • Upgrading lighting and electrical as needed in the parish center

By completing all these remaining projects in 2020, we expect to save money on project management and avoid cost increases that will certainly occur if we wait an additional year.

Many of our parishioners made pledges that will be fulfilled over three years (through 2021). As a result, we may not have all the necessary capital funds on-hand when we complete these projects next summer. If that’s the case, we can borrow from our own operating reserve funds and/or from a short-term line of credit from the bank, knowing that pledged contributions will allow us to repay those obligations quickly and at no cost or minimal cost.

We’re so grateful to all parishioners who made pledges to our Mission Critical capital campaign, and we encourage you to fulfill your commitments as promised. If you find that you can fulfill your pledge commitment sooner than promised, we will be most grateful, knowing that it will provide the cash we need to complete all remaining projects next year.

This is our time.

Our church and school buildings are in desperate need of upgrades and improvements. Watch the video to learn more.


Case statement

The Mission Critical capital campaign will enable us to fulfill our mission now and in the future by making our campus the best environment for our parishioners and students to be nurtured in our Catholic faith. Without the proceeds of this campaign, our ability to continue to fulfill our mission will be seriously compromised. Read more in this downloadable PDF

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