With the primary solicitation phase of our campaign completed, we’ve received pledges for $3.3 million! With an additional $1 million available from our parish savings, we expect to be able to complete all the projects we identified in our campaign case statement. Of course, not all of them will be completed immediately; we will be doing them over the next few years as parishioners fulfill their pledge commitments.

So far, we have received over $1 million of those pledged dollars. Along with our savings, that will allow us to undertake this summer the most urgent (and most expensive) components. Our facilities committee has been meeting for several months with a team from Opus Design Build to plan the details of those projects.

The biggest task will be to rebuild the heating system of our church and school. We will be replacing our 93-year-old steam boiler with a more efficient hot water boiler. We will replace pipes and radiators throughout the buildings as needed, and we will install more effective control systems. All these improvements should lessen our use of fuel, saving on heating costs and decreasing our carbon footprint. In addition, we will be installing an air-handling system that will circulate and supply fresh air to our school classrooms, the gymnasium, and the chapel.

The next-largest project expected this summer will be to completely rebuild our school restrooms. The new restrooms will include ADA accessible stalls as well as all new toilets, urinals, and sinks with automatic flush and faucet controls. In addition, we’ll be installing new tile on the floors and walls as well as new stall dividers. Behind the walls, all the pipes (supply and drain) will be replaced, putting an end to our “out-of-order” signs. Finally, we’ll be installing new drinking fountains in the hallways with chilled water and bottle-filling stations.

Throughout the school building, we also expect to make upgrades to our electrical systems this summer – adding outlets where needed, making our classrooms safer and more tech-friendly.

In the church, we expect to install our new sound system during the coming year. We have hired an acoustical consultant who has tweaked our current system; that’s why it sounds better and louder than in the past. Over the coming months, he and his team will be working with us to evaluate the space, make recommendations, design a system, and assist us in choosing a vendor to install that system.

We’re making great progress behind the scenes. During the summer months, you can expect to see lots of work going on around here.  Thanks to all of you whose contributions are making these improvements possible. If you haven’t yet pledged or given, your contribution is still needed. You can do so by clicking on the link below or give us a call at the parish office: 612-922-0041.

This is our time.

Our church and school buildings are in desperate need of upgrades and improvements. Watch the video to learn more.


Case statement

The Mission Critical capital campaign will enable us to fulfill our mission now and in the future by making our campus the best environment for our parishioners and students to be nurtured in our Catholic faith. Without the proceeds of this campaign, our ability to continue to fulfill our mission will be seriously compromised. Read more in this downloadable PDF

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