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Youth Ministry

shaping young minds

Youth ministry at St. Thomas the Apostle empowers all young people to learn, act, and connect in order to grow and develop as disciples of Christ. We do outdoor and indoor activities that keep minds growing and legs moving. We meet several times a month to take part in an adventure, serve our community, and learn how to be part of a vibrant church family. We gather on weekends to attend Mass together, followed by indoor and outdoor activities.

The Core Team is a group of Catholic adults who work with the youth minister to plan a high-quality ministry program. We encourage former youth attendees, parents, and activity-minded individuals to share their talents as Core Team members.

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Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults


The Church of St. Thomas the Apostle has a long and dedicated history of providing a variety of ministries to meet the many needs of the parish community. The value of parish ministries has also included the unwavering expectation that they take place in a safe and healthy environment grounded in respect for the dignity of all persons participating. In keeping with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, all parish employees as well as all adult volunteer ministers who interact with minors or vulnerable adults must complete what the Archdiocese calls the Essential 3:

1. Background check

2. Safe Environment training (including VIRTUS)

3. Signing a Code of Conduct.

These requirements must be renewed every three years.

Ministers younger than 18 who work with children must sign a Youth Code of Conduct and provide two written references from trustworthy adults attesting to their character and dependability for their ministry position. Completing a VIRTUS training is recommended but not required.

In addition, in the event that an incident of abuse is known or suspected, all parish staff and volunteers are committed to fully comply with reporting expectations of both civil and Archdiocesan authorities. Contact us for more information about the Essential 3.


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