Ways to Serve

Sacramental Prep

help celebrate god’s gifts


The Baptism team consists of catechists who share the Church’s teachings on Baptism with parents and godparents. Training materials are provided. The time commitment is approximately three 1-1/2 hour Wednesday evening meetings per year, along with serving as the Coordinator for the corresponding Sunday Baptism. Anyone parishioner who has been Confirmed is welcome.

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First Reconciliation

Preparation is held during the fall months for children in second grade or older who are also preparing to receive First Eucharist the following spring. Catechists are needed – parents of those in the program are encouraged to consider this ministry, though anyone is invited. Time commitment includes training sessions, Wednesday evening prep sessions, and the evening liturgy. Any parishioner who has been Confirmed is welcome.

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First Eucharist

Preparation begins after the celebration of First Reconciliation (winter) for children in second grade and older. First Eucharist is celebrated soon after Easter Sunday. Time commitment includes training sessions, Wednesday evening prep sessions, and the celebration liturgies. Any parish member who has been Confirmed is welcome.

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The Confirmation program begins in the Fall for students in 9th grade and older and extends into the following academic year.  The sacrament is celebrated in January or early February of 10th grade. Preparation includes sessions on Sunday evenings, various parish and community service opportunities, and a mandatory day-long retreat. Time commitment includes training sessions, Sunday evening prep sessions, retreat support roles and participation in the celebration liturgy. Any parish member who is college age or older and Confirmed is welcome.

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Adult Christian Initiation

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a personalized process for adults who are considering joining the Catholic Church. Parishioners can serve as sponsors, hospitality providers, or catechists.

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Individuals or couples are trained to administer the PREPARE Inventory to engaged couples and review the results with them. Meetings are arranged at times convenient for the participants. Time commitment is roughly 3-4 hours with each couple.

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Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults


The Church of St. Thomas the Apostle has a long and dedicated history of providing a variety of ministries to meet the many needs of the parish community. The value of parish ministries has also included the unwavering expectation that they take place in a safe and healthy environment grounded in respect for the dignity of all persons participating. In keeping with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, all parish employees as well as all adult volunteer ministers who interact with minors or vulnerable adults must complete what the Archdiocese calls the Essential 3:

1. Background check

2. Safe Environment training (including VIRTUS)

3. Signing a Code of Conduct.

These requirements must be renewed every three years.

Ministers younger than 18 who work with children must sign a Youth Code of Conduct and provide two written references from trustworthy adults attesting to their character and dependability for their ministry position. Completing a VIRTUS training is recommended but not required.

In addition, in the event that an incident of abuse is known or suspected, all parish staff and volunteers are committed to fully comply with reporting expectations of both civil and Archdiocesan authorities. Contact us for more information about the Essential 3.


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