Ways to Serve

Liturgy & Music



These Ministers of Hospitality warmly welcome all who gather for liturgy. Greeters reach out to newcomers and visitors, as well as those who attend Mass weekly. They make all who enter feel at home and invite them to participate fully by providing them with what they need to do so. Greeters are informed and can answer questions about the parish and direct people to the appropriate resource.

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Essential to our Ministry of Hospitality, ushers greet people, take up the collection, guide the communion procession and see to the needs of the gathered community. They make sure all liturgical ministers are in place, and that all items needed for Mass are available. Ushers are informed and can answer questions about the parish and direct people to the appropriate resource.  

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Altar Servers

The altar server assists the presider and enables the liturgy to proceed smoothly. Young people, grades 5 and up, as well as adults, may volunteer. Servers must have respect for the liturgy and reverence for the holy things used at Mass and for the holy actions in which the assembly participates. This ministry begins with one training session, with extra rehearsals required for special celebrations.

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Ministers of Communion

The Communion Rite is the heart and center of the Eucharistic liturgy. Those called to this most beautiful ministry distribute the Body of Christ to the Body of Christ. They care about all who gather at the table of the Lord, and show great reverence for the Eucharist and the People of God. Confirmed, practicing Catholics are invited to prayerfully consider the ministry of Extraordinary Ministers of Communion.

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The ministry of lector is to proclaim God’s Word in the midst of the assembly. A lector must love, pray and study the scriptures. Beyond having a strong, clear voice, an ability to speak with ease and conviction, and good interpretive skills, a lector makes deliberate and careful preparation of the scriptures.

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These ministers arrive early to prepare the items for the Eucharistic celebration. They set out hosts and wine, light the candles, turn on the sound system and lights. Sacristans make sure that all liturgical ministers are checked in and communicate with them as necessary.

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Gift Bearers

Gift Bearers bring up the bread, wine and large collection basket at the offertory. Gift bearers represent the entire parish as we return to God a small part of the many blessings God has given us. It is open to seniors, adults, youth and children who’ve made their First Communion.

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Cross Bearers

Cross Bearers lead the procession of ministers into the sanctuary for Mass. Carrying the cross requires a good back and upper body strength. 

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Seasonal Decorating & Sewing

This ministry is perfect for busy people. It is very flexible, consisting of a short time commitment every few months. Decorating the church involves a wide range of jobs including designing, creating, installing, ironing and sewing.   

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Plant Care

Tending to the greenery and flowering plants inside and outside the church provides a beautiful and welcoming environment. Materials are provided.

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Laundering Communion Linens

Beautiful linens are an essential part of our liturgical services. Every week, the laundering ministers pick up, wash, iron and return all the linens used for Communion. 

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Liturgy Commission

Members of the Liturgy Commission work with the Liturgist to reflect on and guide the parish’s liturgical life in keeping with the church’s established norms and the parish’s strategic plan. If you have a love of liturgy, consider joining this group.

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Parish Choir

All God’s children have a voice in the choir! This fun and dedicated group of parishioners supports the sung prayer of the community. Members represent diverse ages, from high school to senior citizens. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings, 7-8:30pm.

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Possessing good musical skills, cantors add beauty and artistry to the sung prayer of the assembly. As song leaders, they lead and support the people’s singing. As psalmists, they sing and interpret the verses of the Responsorial Psalm. The ability to learn the music and rehearse on one’s own is expected. An introductory session and updating sessions are required as needed.

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Children’s Choir

This ministry not only enhances our liturgies, it forms and shapes our children in the traditions, teachings and rituals of our faith. Children in grades 2-8 are encouraged to join. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays, 5:15-6pm.

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Musical art in all its forms serves God’s people at prayer. Instrumentalists are welcome to join our music ministry, and are welcome to play regularly or occasionally at any or all of the liturgies.  

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Presider or Assistant Minister

Using the Children’s Lectionary and materials provided, the presider presents prayers and scripture readings of the day and facilitates age-appropriate discussions for children ages 6 and older during Sunday Mass. Training is provided for new ministers and is renewed annually. The assistant minister helps the children to pray by overseeing the group and seeing to individual needs as they arise. The time commitment for both ministries is once monthly depending upon schedules.

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Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults


The Church of St. Thomas the Apostle has a long and dedicated history of providing a variety of ministries to meet the many needs of the parish community. The value of parish ministries has also included the unwavering expectation that they take place in a safe and healthy environment grounded in respect for the dignity of all persons participating. In keeping with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, all parish employees as well as all adult volunteer ministers who interact with minors or vulnerable adults must complete what the Archdiocese calls the Essential 3:

1. Background check

2. Safe Environment training (including VIRTUS)

3. Signing a Code of Conduct.

These requirements must be renewed every three years.

Ministers younger than 18 who work with children must sign a Youth Code of Conduct and provide two written references from trustworthy adults attesting to their character and dependability for their ministry position. Completing a VIRTUS training is recommended but not required.

In addition, in the event that an incident of abuse is known or suspected, all parish staff and volunteers are committed to fully comply with reporting expectations of both civil and Archdiocesan authorities. Contact us for more information about the Essential 3.


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