Weekly Bulletin Column

From Fr. Michael Reding

April 21, 2019


Christos Anesti! – Christ is Risen!

Those of us who live in the northern hemisphere are fortunate when it comes to Easter: we can see signs of the resurrection all around us:

  • The sun is returning – days are getting longer and warmer
  • The snow and ice are (nearly) gone
  • Birds not seen for months have returned for the season
  • Buds are starting to appear on some trees
  • Before long, crocuses and daffodils will begin to appear
  • The grass will once again turn green

Signs of the resurrection are appearing outdoors, and signs of the resurrection can be seen indoors as well at Saint Thomas the Apostle. Those of you who made pledges (more than $3 million) to our Mission Critical capital campaign knew that this was all about Building Renewal. Well, I’m happy to say that the plans for much of that building renewal have now been laid. We can all look forward to a resurrection (of sorts) this summer at Saint Thomas. Specifically:

  • All six of our school restrooms will be totally rebuilt
  • Supply and drain pipes behind the walls will be replaced
  • New urinals and toilets (with automatic flush!) will be installed
  • New sinks (with automatic faucets) will replace those wretched old ones
  • New lighting, new ceilings, and new stall dividers will make the rooms feel fresh
  • New porcelain tile will cover the walls and floors
  • New paint will reflect the unique colors of our church and school
  • New drinking fountains with chilled water and bottle-fillers will be installed
  • New sinks will be added in several of our classrooms
  • Our 94-year-old boiler will be replaced with a new, efficient hot-water boiler
  • Pipes delivering heat throughout our buildings will be replaced
  • New heating controls will help save on fuel and decrease our carbon footprint
  • A new air-handling system will circulate and supply fresh air throughout our school, gym, and chapel
  • New electrical components in our school will ensure that our classrooms meet today’s needs
  • Upgrades to our fire alarm system will improve our safety
  • A new sound system in the church will enhance our worship experience

We expect that all these projects will be completed in 2019! Additional improvements will be coming in 2020, thanks to your generosity!

Signs of the resurrection – of new life – are abundantly clear here in the northern hemisphere and here at Saint Thomas the Apostle. We have much to celebrate and give thanks for this Easter time!