Weekly Bulletin Column

From Fr. Michael Reding

June 23, 2019


The Great Work Begins… (Part 3)

Since the last day of school on June 7, we’ve made great progress in the work on our buildings.

On June 10, several parent volunteers assisted our teachers in packing up their classrooms and moving things away from the walls so crews could get to work on the demolition of heating pipes throughout the school building.

Other demolition crews made fast progress in our school restrooms, removing sinks, toilets, and urinals as well as stall dividers, doors, and ceilings. They’ve also begun removing all old water pipes (supply and drain) since these will be replaced as well. These rooms will see the most dramatic transformation over the summer as new tile and fixtures are installed. Each room will also have a new three-user stainless steel wash station as pictured here with automatic faucets and built-in soap dispensers.

In the chapel, demolition of heating and plumbing pipes is complete. As you know, we have moved our daily Masses to the parish center, but in order to accommodate a wedding this weekend, crews have already patched damaged plaster on the chapel walls so the space will look a bit better. After this weekend, we expect that there will be no other services held in the chapel over the summer.

Please remember that, like the chapel, all spaces in the school are expected to be off-limits during the summer, including restrooms, Dillon Hall, and our youth room. We’re doing our best to accommodate some activities in the parish center and the gathering space, and men’s volleyball has temporarily relocated to Christ the King. We look forward to the day when we can return to all these renewed spaces!