Weekly Bulletin Column

From Fr. Michael Reding

August 18, 2019


Like the Seed that Grows Unseen (Mark 4:26-29)

As many of you know, I was away on vacation for a couple of weeks. Because of that, I was pleased to return on August 8 and find that so much progress has been made with our building renovations while I was gone.

As I’ve said in the past, the most laborious work in this project is barely visible even to those who have full access to the building. It involves the installation of thousands of feet of new copper pipe, valves, and insulation to provide water for plumbing and heating fixtures throughout the building. It involves the installation of electrical wiring to control our new heating and ventilation systems as well as our new fire alarm system and additional electrical outlets for our classrooms. That work is now essentially complete.

In addition, the last month has been marked by lots of visible progress as well. The new tile has been completely installed in our restrooms (floors and walls). New fixtures (toilets, urinals, and wash stations) have been installed. New chilled water fountains (including bottle fill stations) have been installed in the hallways. The restrooms have been painted, and new drop ceilings are now being installed. Following the ceilings, crews will install the toilet partitions required in each restroom.In the school corridors, it’s easy to see all the new ductwork that’s been installed, and in the next week, we expect all that ductwork, along with the sprinkler pipes and walls and ceilings, to be painted.

In the boiler room, our new, sophisticated, high-efficiency boilers have been lowered into place along with their pumps and a new water heater. On the roof of the school, a new air handling unit is being hoisted into place with a mobile crane.

Like the seed that sprouts and grows unseen for a long time, things are now rapidly coming to fruition. It’s a joy to see such dramatic and visible progress!