Weekly Bulletin Column

From Fr. Michael Reding

December 27, 2021

It’s good to be home!

Then they opened their treasures and offered him
gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
(Matthew 2:11)

It’s that time of year.

As Epiphany is approaching – as the end of the calendar year is approaching – many people are offering year-end gifts to the organizations that they know are making the love of Jesus Christ incarnate in our world today.

As you are making contributions during this last week of 2021, I hope you will keep in mind Saint Thomas the Apostle. If you have not yet fulfilled your commitment to the parish for this year, please take this moment to get caught up. If you have fulfilled your commitment but find that you’re able to do more, please know that we are grateful for all that you do.

Most importantly, the people we serve will be grateful for the way your generosity allows us to fulfill our mission of Welcome, Worship, Wisdom, and Witness.

You can make your year-end contributions by mail or dropping them at the parish office. Or you can contribute online.

Thanks in advance for your kindness.