Attendance is limited to 100 people. Advance registration is necessary. You may sign up using the link below or by phoning the parish office: 612-922-0041.

Doors will open at 8:50 a.m. Please do not come earlier. Increased time indoors increases the infection risk for you and others.

Enter through the east doors from our parking lot. This allows us to monitor who is entering and safely space people as they move through the building.

Masks/face-coverings are required for all. We will have a few available for those who come without.

Use the hand-sanitizer provided when you arrive or use your own.

Follow the directions of our ushers as you are seated. Chairs will be placed in groups of various sizes, meaning that your household may be seated in a location different from your previous custom.

There will be no congregational singing at this Mass. Singing expels respiratory aerosols with greater force than speaking.

Communion will be distributed after Mass concludes. Follow the directions of our ushers. Sanitize your hands as you approach for communion. Keep your mask on until after you’ve received the host in your hand, then step aside, move your mask, and consume the Body of Christ.

After receiving communion, please depart using the south doors facing 44th Street. Those needing the elevator or unable to walk around the building may exit through the east doors.

Public health officials recommend that those who are older than 65 and those with underlying health risks related to COVID should avoid public gatherings.