9AM IN THE CHURCH BACKYARD, weather permitting

Mass will be celebrated outdoors. If weather prohibits us from celebrating Mass onsite, we will send an email to parishioners before 8:30 a.m. Please celebrate Mass online in the event of rain.

Mass will be celebrated in the backyard. From the lowest level of our parking lot, enter the east doors of the gymnasium. Walk through the gym to the backyard.

Please bring your own chair or blanket. We will have a few chairs available for those unable to bring their own.

Follow the directions of our ushers. They will help to ensure that sufficient distance is maintained between household groups.

Wear a mask/face-covering. Masks are required. We will have a few available for those without.

Use the hand-sanitizer provided when you arrive or use your own.

There will be no congregational singing at this Mass. Singing expels respiratory aerosols with greater force than speaking.

Communion will be distributed after Mass concludes. Communion will not be distributed from the chalice. Sanitize your hands as you approach for communion. Keep your mask on until after you’ve received the host in your hand, then remove your mask and consume the host. Follow the directions of our ushers.

After you’ve received communion you may depart.

There are not good restrooms accessible from the backyard. Please “go before you come.”

Public health officials advise that people who are over 65 or have underlying health conditions should not come to Mass.

Attendance at this Mass is limited to 100 people. So that we may plan accordingly, we ask that you sign up in advance. This information will also allow for contact tracing should it later be discovered that a person attending Mass has the coronavirus.

You may sign up for Mass below. Or call our parish office: 612-922-0041. Sign-up begins each week on the Monday preceding the Sunday Mass.

Registration for Sunday, September 27

Sign-up begins each week on the Monday preceding the Sunday Mass.

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