Youth Ministry

PathFinders is programming for students in grades 6-8 to have the opportunity to journey together through questions, doubts, lived experiences, and exploration of faith in a fun, community setting.

Examples of PathFinders Programming

Middle School Mugs
An monthly, informal way to meet up and check in with each other while hanging out at Dunn Bros.

Service Saturdays
Roll up your sleeves and pitch in to your local community.

Your Bible as Art
Turn your Bible into an inspiring work of art that excites you and keeps you in God’s word.


This is an important role and one that would be listed on a college application and on resumes. Peer ministers lead outreach for peer ministry, help chaperone  events, lead small group discussions and retreats and serve as a positive role models to their peers. The average time commitment for peer ministers is 2-3 hours per week.

The Leaders in Training program provides students ages 14-17 with valuable skills that are transferrable to important future opportunities such as serving as captain of a team, leading on student government, working at a job, community organizing, or serving as a peer minister.

Leaders in Training will learn these valuable skills:

  • Taking direction and meeting deadlines;
  • Organization and project management;
  • Interpersonal skills and relationship-building;
  • Motivating and influencing others.

Leaders in Training is a personalized program that lasts anywhere between three months (minimum) to two years (maximum). Leaders in Training work with the youth minister to set goals and master specific skills. The time commitment for leaders in training is 1-2 hours per week.

Examples of Leaders in Training tasks:

  • Working with the youth minister to set a calendar of events;
  • Inviting peers to events using email, social media, and other outreach tactics;
  • Soliciting input from peers about what kinds of activities they are interested in;
  • Organizing service projects;
  • Setting up or cleaning up at youth events.


Interested in being part of our Youth Ministry programs?